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Aachen, Germany
as of April 22, 2000

The Winner of the Award

This year, American President Bill Clinton will receive the International Charlemagne Award at Aachen. Presentation of the award will take place on June 2, 2000.

Bill Clinton is receiving the Charlemagne Award "for his special personal merits in cooperation with the European States, for the maintenance of peace, freedom, democracy and human rights in Europe, as well as for his support in the expansion of the European Union." In addition, he will be distinguished - it says in the foundation of the directorate of the association for presentation of the Charlemagne Award - "for his brave intervention - also while the military was deployed - in keeping to the rules and ethical standards as well as to the domination of justice." Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo made it clear that the European Union is not capable of functioning collectively, in any case not without American participation.

In the foundation statement, selected mention is made of his efforts for resolution between Greece and Turkey, as well as his endeavors for a lasting solution of the Cypress and the North Ireland conflict. The outlook for a final peace treat in the Near East in also one of Clinton's personal accomplishments.

After the fall of the Wall, his politics contributed to stabilizing the local internal political situation somewhat in a Russia that was still wavering and endangered. "By doing that he helped to avoid disputes not only between the peoples of the former Soviet Union, but also between Russia and its neighboring states."

The Charlemagne Award Directorate, in honoring the President of the United States, wants to honor an award winner "who has proven himself in difficult and often changing political times as guarantor of American- European community values."

In doing that he is a representative for all American people.

The granting of the award is also a special thanks from the European, especially the German people, to the American people, thanks "for the construction of democracy, freedom and prosperity after 1945, for partnership in NATO, for the assistance in forming the European Union, for a stable politic around the Mediterranean Sea, for the enduring support in the process of reunification and in regard to the settlement of militant conflicts between European populations, cultures and religious communities." The Charlemagne Award 2000 has merited " the positive, pro-European involvement of several American Presidents, Secretaries of State and politicians.

The Charlemagne Award is regarded as one of the most important European awards. Since 1950, it has been bestowed upon personalities who have worked for the unification of Europe. The last award winner was British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Previous award winners include Konrad Adenauer (1954), the Commission of European Communities (1969), Spanish King Juan Carlos I (1982), Francois Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl (1988), Vaclav Havel (1991), Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands (1996) and in 1997, Federal President Roman Herzog.

Bill Clinton is the first American President who has received the Charlemagne Award. In previous years two American Secretaries of State have received the Award, George C. Marshall in 1959 and Henry A. Kissinger in 1987.

In 2000, the International Charlemagne Award of Aachen celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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