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2001 Leipzig Human Rights Award
(originally the "2000 Alternative Charlemagne Award")
Dr. Norbert Blüm receives the Human Rights Award
of the European-American Citizens Committee
for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA

The European- American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA is involved in human rights and religious freedom in the USA and worldwide, and is engaged in the discussion in particular about new totalitarian organizations. In doing so it lets itself be guided by the stance taken by 17 million Americans in 1950 when they signed a pledge to the Berlin Liberty Bell:

"I believe in the sacredness and dignity of the individual. I believe that all men derive the right to freedom equally from God. I pledge to resist aggression and tyranny wherever they appear on earth."

We are dismayed that, for the last few years, the Scientology Organization (SO) has managed to exert its influence in US foreign politics. The SO, responsible for the 17 days of anguish immediately preceding the death of Lisa McPherson (USA), for the financial ruin of the Aigner family (Germany) and for the tragic death of Patrice Vic (France), tries to inflict damage upon the European-American friendship for which we have all been working so hard in the past decades. As European friends of the United States of America and or as US citizens, we are concerned about the attacks by the Scientology organization on the lives and human dignity of not only its own members, but also of its critics.

2001 Human Rights Award for Dr. Norbert Blüm

The presentation to Dr. Norbert Blüm on June 10, 2001 in Leipzig, the city of the East German civil rights movement, will be the second time we recognize a personage with the human rights award from the European- American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA.

Dr. Norbert Blüm is, as of today, the only German federal minister who has had the courage to gain knowledge of the facts and make a personal effort to publicly come to terms with the new totalitarianism of the Scientology Organization (SO)
Guided by his public spirit and his sense of responsibility, Norbert Blüm distinguished himself in human rights and in the freedoms of religion and of opinion by his involvement in a society at risk to the totalitarian Scientology Organization, and by his concern for the minority persecuted and attacked by the SO - its former members.

With his clear words he encouraged those people who had felt the effect of the Scientology Organization, and with his heartening involvement as well, he set the standard in the politics of the day for his fellow politicians.

We, by our appreciation, would like to show our support for all politicians on both sides of the Atlantic who take action to put an end to the human rights violations committed by the Scientology Organization in the USA and in Europe.

The Award Committee:
Gerry Armstrong Canada artist
Ursula Caberta Hamburg director of the Task Force on Scientology
Prof. Claire Champollion Paris linguist, researcher and author
Joe Cisar Cleveland, Ohio Vietnam Veteran, Journalist
Prof. Dr. Alexander Dvorkin Moscow Director of the St. Irenäus-von-Lyon-Center
Rev. Thomas Gandow Berlin publisher of the Berliner Dialog
Mike Garde Dublin Dialogue Ireland
Roger Gonnet Paris author
Friedrich Griess Vienna Engineer, spokesman for the Gesellschaft gegen Sekten- und Kultgefahren
Tilman Hausherr Berlin Software-Entwickler
Ursula MacKenzie London  retiree
Solveig Prass Leipzig operating manager, EBI Sachsen e.V.
Prof. Dr. Johannes Aagaard Aarhus President of the Dialog Center International (DCI)
Birgitta Harrington Helsingborg, Schweden Accountant

Tabula Gratulatoria

"By our names we support the human rights award from the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA to former federal minister Dr. Norbert Blüm. We wholeheartedly congratulate him!"
  • Heribert Altfeld, Fürstenberg Citizens Initiative, Fürstenberg, Germany
  • Mechthild Duchess of Ansembourg, Lenzkirch-Kappel, Germany
  • Gerry Armstrong, Canada, artist
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Bartels, Member of the German Parliament, Kiel, Germany
  • Dr. Günther Beckstein, Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Jim Beebe, former CAN (cult Awarness Network) staff member
  • Rev. Gottfried Beesk, ret., Berlin, Germany
  • Gertraud Beesk, teacher, Berlin, Germany
  • Ole von Beust, Chairman of the CDU Faction in the Hamburg Bürgerschaft, Hamburg, Germany
  • Elisabeth Bonacker, SO related mother, Niedersachsen, Germany
  • Klaus Brand, assistant principal (and preacher), Dinkelsbühl, Germany
  • Eldon M. Braun, American in Paris, Writer/editor
  • Stacy Brooks, President, Lisa McPherson Trust, Clearwater, Florida, USA
  • Mark Bunker, Video Producer, Clearwater, Florida, USA
  • Ursula Caberta, director of the Task Force on Scientology, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
  • Prof. Claire Champollion, linguist, researcher and author, Paris, France
  • Joe Cisar, Cleveland, Ohio, Vietnam veteran, USA
  • Rob Clark, activist, York, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Paulette Cooper, New York City, author, USA
  • Rev. Horst Dähnick, ret., Joachimsthal, Germany
  • Frau Luise Daszenies, teacher, Fürstenberg Citizens Initiative, Fürstenberg, Germany
  • Federal Minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Berlin, Germany
  • Katharina Doyé, Member of the Brandenburg State Board for Welfare and Interior politics for Bündnis 90/The Greens, Potsdam, Germany
  • Professor Dr. Alexander Dvorkin, Moscow, Russia, Director of the St. Irenaeus-of-Lyon Center
  • Jeta Eggers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • former Minister Rainer Eppelmann, Member of the German Parliament, Berlin, Germany
  • Wolfgang Fischer, Deaconate and Religion education, Treuchtlingen, Germany
  • Tatjana Forner, Club Dialog Berlin, Germany
  • Gerhard Förster, artist, Vienna, Austria
  • Axel Franken, member of the EBIS, Würzburg, Germany
  • Freimann-Kehdingen; Musician/Artist
    Mediensprecher SOLID INFO e.V.,
    Stade, Germany
  • Jürgen v. Freymann, Lt. Colonel, ret., Hannover, Germany
  • Dr. Hans-Otto Furian, Theologian / Provost, ret., Berlin, Germany
  • Rev. Thomas Gandow, Berlin, Germany, editor of the Berlin Dialog magazine
  • Ute Gandow, physical therapist, Berlin, Germany
  • Mike Garde, Dublin, Ireland, Dialogue Ireland
  • Harry Gillmann, Community Church Council, Freundeskreis Berliner Dialog, Berlin, Germany
  • Roger Gonnet, Paris, France, author
  • Elke Gorf, Aufklärungsgruppe Krokodil; Weinstadt; Germany
  • Maria Gorow, Community Council member, Neukirchen, Germany
  • Rev. Martina Graewe, minister, Berlin, Germany
  • Barbara Graham, digital animator, Army veteran, San Diego, California, USA
  • Friedrich Griess, Vienna, Austria, engineer, press spokesman of the "Gesellschaft gegen Kultgefahren"
  • William G. Hagglund, Toronto Canada, Aktor/Kü nstler /politischer Aktivist
  • Hischam A. Hapatsch, theologian, Berlin, Germany
  • Dieter Hapel, District Mayor of Berlin Tempelhof- Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany
  • Tilman Hausherr, Berlin, Germany, software developer
  • Anton Hein, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Christian apologist
    http://www.gospelcom.net/apologeticsindex/, The Netherlands
  • Ingo Heinemann, Manager, Board of the Aktion fü r Geistige und Psychische Freiheit e.V. Bonn (AGPF), http://www.agpf.de, Germany
  • Keith Henson, Palo Alto, California, USA Consulting engineer
  • Dr. Susanne Herrmann, district director adult education, Berlin, Germany
  • Rüdiger Hintze, attorney, Hamburg, Germany
  • Christel Hinz, grad. librarian, Nordhausen, Germany
  • Uwe Hipp, former Scientologist, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Ursula Höft, housewife, member of the board of the ;I:Elterninitiative zur Hilfe gegen seelische Abhängigkeit und religiösen Extremismus e.V., Munich, Germany
  • Deana M. Holmes, information technology, Mesa, Arizona, USA
  • Charlotte von Hörde, Germany
  • Peter Hosak, Chairman, NETZWERK - Verein für Sekten- und Kultfragen, Graz, Austria
  • Ilse Hruby-Plechl, author, Austria
  • Jeff Jacobsen, Librarian, Clearwater, Florida USA
  • Käthe Jelitto, Hamburg, Germany
  • Rev. Werner Jendreiek, Ebermannstadt, Germany
  • Vicar Christine Jendreieck, Ebermannstadt, Germany
  • Burkhard Jung, Coordinator for Youth, Welfare, Health and Schools of the City of Leipzig, Germany
  • Charlotte L. Kates, New Brunswick, New Jersey USA, student and activist
  • Roderick Keller, Philadelphia, USA
  • Baroness Gisela v. Keyserlingk, teacher at the Ev. school center Leipzig and principal of the Grimma/Döbern Ev. Primary School, Leipzig, Germany
  • Tom Klemesrud, Publisher
    Thompson Courier & Rake Register
    246 S. Harrison Street
    Thompson, IA 50478
  • Wolfgang Kneese, Flügelschlag e.V. Hamburg, Germany
  • Heike Kneese, Flügelschlag e.V. Hamburg, Germany
  • Natascha Kobitzsch, student, Leipzig, Germany
  • Helke Koulakiotis, independent saleswoman, member of the EBIS, Weinstadt, Germany
  • Torsten Krannich, theologian, Jena, Germany
  • Steffen von Krosigk, retired, Potsdam, Germany
  • Michael Kühn, primary school teacher, Döbeln, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Gottfried Küenzlen, Chair for Ev. Theology and Social ethics, University of the National Defense, Munich, Germany
  • Andrea Küpker, Germany (Aufklärung, Familienberatung)
  • Rev. Friedrich v. Kymmel, Evangelical Parish Office, Morgenitz, Germany
  • Christa Lagemann, teacher, Steinfurt, Germany
  • Dr. Hanna-Renata Laurien, former Parliamentary President, Berlin, Germany
  • Helga Lerchenmüller, Legal Director of the Aktion Bildungsinformation (ABI) in Stuttgart, http://www.abi-ev.de, Germany
  • former federal minister Sabine Leutheusser- Schnarrenberger, Member of the German Parliament, Tutzing, Germany
  • Renata Linné, translator, Dresden, Germany
  • Jutta Lockau, Member of the Church Council of the EKiBB, Berlin, Germany
  • Ursula MacKenzie, retiree, London, England
  • Gerlinde Martin, Engineering grad., Stollberg, Germany
  • Klaus Maßmann, Pastor, Ev.-ref. Gemeinde Osnabrück, Friedenskirche, Germany
  • Dr. Angela Merkel, Member of the German Parliament, federal chairmain of CDU Germany
  • Robert S. Minton, Philanthropist, Clearwater, Florida, USA
  • Doris Müller, graduate social worker, Walldorf, Germany
  • Dipl. theol. Winfried Müller, publisher of IKS Garamond publishing house,
    webmaster of RELIGIO, the information site on sects in Germany and world- wide (http://www.religio.de), Jena, Germany
  • Volker Niggemann, minister, Hoffnungstaler Anstalten, Lobetal, Germany
  • Christa Paul, Berlin, Germany
  • Deneen Phillips, Legal Assistant, Lisa McPherson Trust, Clearwater, Florida, USA
  • Dr. Wolfgang Pleister, Revenue Court Judge, München, Germany
  • Mark Plummer, writer, Austin, Texas, USA
  • Ronald Pofalla, Member of the German Parliament, Kleve, Germany
  • Solveig Prass, Leipzig, Germany, business manager, EBI Leipzig, Germany
  • Jesse Prince, Vice President, Lisa McPherson Trust, Clearwater, Florida USA
  • Jan-Pieter Rau, manager, Rheinsberg, Germany
  • Beverly Rice, Medical Assistant, Florida, USA
  • Pastor Klaus Ruch, Berlin, Germany
  • former federal minister Volker Rühe, Member of the German Parliament, Berlin, Germany
  • Gisela Rusch, Berlin, Germany
  • Bettina Schirbel, CD-Shop, Leipzig, Germany
  • Prof. em. Dr. Ulrich Schneeweiss, Doctor, Microbiologist, Berlin, Germany
  • Birgit Schneider, religion teacher, Oelsnitz, Germany
  • Werner Schulz, Member of the German Parliament, Berlin, Germany
  • Rev. Christian W. G. Schultze, Berlin, Germany
  • Dr. Kerstin Schumann, doctor, Citizens Initiative "Fürstenberg/H. ohne Psychosekte", Fürstenberg, Germany
  • Walter Schütte, journalist, München, Germany
  • Karin Spaink, writer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Jörg Stolzenberger, Aufklärungsgruppe Krokodil; Weinstadt; Germany
  • Rüdiger Struck, AK Sekten Herford, Herford, Germany
  • Karin Struck, housewife, Herford, Germany
  • Teresa S. Summers, Vice President Lisa McPherson Trust, Dunedin, Florida USA
  • Baron Volker v. Streit, minister, ret., Berlin, Germany
  • Helga Tettenborn, Berlin, Germany
  • Rev. Martin Tettenborn, ret., Berlin, Germany
  • Joachim Thewes, Göttinegn, BR Germany
  • Parliament President Wolfgang Thierse, Member of the German Parliament, Berlin, Germany
  • Jens Tingleff, engineer, Cambridge, Great Britain
  • Rev. Eduard Trenkel, Minister, Kassel, Germany
  • Mandy Weber, nurse, Olbernhau, Germany
  • Michael J. Weichert, Faction Chairman Bündnis 90 / The Greens, City Hall, Leipzig, Germany
  • Gerald Weiß, State Secretary, ret., Member of the German Parliament, Hessen, Germany
  • Liselotte Wenzelburger-Mack, Chairwoman of the EBIS Parents Association Baden-Württemberg, Recipient of the Federal Meritorious Cross, Großbettlingen, Germany 
  • Stephanie Werner, Chairperson EBI Sachsen e.V., Leipzig, Germany
  • Margarete Whittome, Secretary, Remseck, Germany
  • Peter Widmer, Waldegg BE, Switzerland
  • Rainer Wittner, attorney, Leipzig, Germany
  • Margarete Wittstock, member of the Eltern- und Betroffeneninitiative Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Steve Zadarnowski, Programmer, Perth, Western Australia
  • Sten-Arne Zerpe, Solna, Sweden, Network Engineer
  • Professor Dr. Johannes Aagaard, Aarhus, Denmark, President of the Dialog Center International (DCI) 
  • Aktion für Geistige und Psychische Freiheit e.V. Bonn (AGPF), http://www.agpf.de, Germany
  • Redaktion Berliner Dialog – Informationen und Standpunkte zur religiösen Begegnung, Berlin, Germany http://www.berliner-dialog.de
  • Dialog Zentrum Berlin, http://www.dialogzentrum.de
  • Eltern- und Betroffeneninitiative gegen psychische Abhängigkeit – für Geistige Freiheit Berlin-Brandenburg http://www.ebi-berlin.de, Germany
  • Eltern- und Betroffeneninitiative gegen Psychische Abhängigkeit Sachsen e.V. http://www.ebi-sachsen e.V., Germany
  • Fédération Européenne des Centres de recherche et d'Information sur Sectarisme (FECRIS), Paris
  • Gesellschaft gegen Sekten- und Kultgefahren vormals Verein zur Wahrung der Geistigen Freiheit – Gesamtösterreichische Elterninitiative, Wien, Österreich, http://www.user.xpoint.at/gsk





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