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2002 Leipzig Human Rights Award
(originally the "2000 Alternative Charlemagne Award")

Alain Vivien receives the Human Rights Award of the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA

The European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA is involved in human rights and religious freedom in the USA and worldwide, and is engaged in the discussion in particular about new totalitarian organizations. In doing so it lets itself be guided by the stance taken by 17 million Americans in 1950 when they signed a pledge to the Berlin Liberty Bell:

"I believe in the sacredness and dignity of the individual. I believe that all men derive the right to freedom equally from God. I pledge to resist aggression and tyranny wherever they appear on earth."

We are dismayed that, for the last few years, the Scientology Organization (SO) has managed to exert its influence in US foreign politics. The SO, responsible for the 17 days of anguish immediately preceding the death of Lisa McPherson (USA), for the financial ruin of the Aigner family (Germany) and for the tragic death of Patrice Vic (France), tries to inflict damage upon the European-American friendship for which we have all been working so hard in the past decades. As European friends of the United States of America and or as US citizens, we are concerned about the attacks by the Scientology organization on the lives and human dignity of not only its own members, but also of its critics.

2002 Human Rights Award for Minister Alain Vivien

In Leipzig, the city of the East German civil rights movement, we will bestow the Human Rights Award of the European-American Citizens Rights Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA to Minister Alain Vivien, the third such person to receive this distinction.

Minister Alain Vivien has been dealing with the problems of totalitarian cults and sects since 1983. That is when National Assembly Representative Alain Vivien, as commissioned by Minister President Pierre Mouroy, submitted the first situation report about this problematic area. He also worked to produce the first French Enquete report on sects and totalitarian organizations in 1993, and, since 1998, has been the president of the Mission Interministerielle pour la lutte contre les sectes for the Prime Minister of the Republic of France (MILS). 

Alain Vivien recognized the multi-dimensionality of the problem early on, and, in his thorough analysis, he clearly outlined the threat from totalitarian organizations and movements to the liberty of the individual, as well as to free society as a whole.

As President of MILS, he has dedicated himself to seeing to it that France, the country of human rights, recognizes the new threats to human rights, and has interceded on behalf of the freedom of the individual and of the democratic society for the necessity of state protection against totalitarian misuse by private organizations.

He has also been involved with the fates of those affected by destructive groups, has worked toward the legal, organizational and political shoring up of their human rights, and toward the protection of victims of Scientology and similar organizations in the creation and implementation of a legal framework for the French National Assembly. 

In doing this he has demonstrated courage, not only in using his expert knowledge to cope with the intense political pressure, both domestic and foreign, but also in using his personal dedication to publicly debate the new totalitarianism of the Scientology Organization (SO). For this prize winner he has been heavily targeted by the Scientology Organization and its allies.

With his active involvement in a society susceptible to the totalitarianism of Scientology organization, and with his involvement with its former members who have found themselves persecuted and attacked by the SO, Alain Vivien has duly demonstrated merit in the area of human rights, especial in the freedoms of opinion and of religion.

This award is also granted in recognition of the important and successful work done by all the MILS staff, not leaving out the work done by the French National Assembly, which worked through all party differences to enact legislation for the protection of human rights against the new dangers posed by totalitarianism.

At the same time, this award is also a gesture of our appreciation to politicians on either side of the Atlantic for their efforts to put a stop to the human rights violations committed by the Scientology organization in both Europe and in the USA.

The Award Committee:

Name City, Country Profession/Institution
Gerry Armstrong Canada artist
Ursula Caberta Hamburg director of the Task Force on Scientology
Prof. Claire Champollion Paris linguist, researcher and author
Joe Cisar Cleveland, Ohio Vietnam Veteran, Journalist
Prof. Dr. Alexander Dvorkin Moscow Director of the St. Irenäus-von-Lyon-Center
Rev. Thomas Gandow Berlin publisher of the Berliner Dialog
Mike Garde Dublin Dialogue Ireland
Roger Gonnet Paris author
Friedrich Griess Vienna Engineer, spokesman for the Gesellschaft gegen Sekten- und Kultgefahren
Tilman Hausherr Berlin Software-Entwickler
Ursula MacKenzie London  retiree
Solveig Prass Leipzig operating manager, EBI Sachsen e.V.
Prof. Dr. Johannes Aagaard Aarhus President of the Dialog Center International (DCI)
Birgitta Harrington Helsingborg, Schweden Accountant

Tabula Gratulatoria:

With our names we support the presentation of the human rights award from the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom to Minister Alain Vivien, and we lend him our wholehearted congratulations:

  1. H. Altfeld, Fürstenberg, Deutschland
  2. James Beebe, former Cult Awareness Network (CAN) staff member, Northbrook, Illinois, USA
  3. David Bird, Programmer, Birmingham, England
  4. Elisabeth Bonacker, Nahrendorf, Deutschland
  5. Mark Bunker, videographer, Derry, New Hampshire, USA
  6. Ida J. Camburn, Disconnected mother, Hemet, California, USA
  7. Ingolf Christiansen, Beauftragter für Weltanschauungsfragen, Ev.-luth. Landeskirche Hannovers Göttingen, Deutschland
  8. Tory Christman, Burbank, California, USA, Ex-Scientologist (in for 30 years), Educator, Writer, and Freedom Activist
  9. Rob Clark, York, PA, USA
  10. Luise Daszenies, Lehrerin, BI "Fürstenberger Dialog", Fü rstenberg/Havel, Deutschland
  11. Ingrid Dietrich, ev. Pfr., Leipzig, Deutschland
  12. Jeta Eggers, Information- analyst (IT), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  13. Ellen Fink, Polizeibeamtin, Monschau (NRW), Deutschland
  14. Ute Gandow, Krankengymnastin, Berlin, Deutschland
  15. Anita Gogolla, Marine Mammal Trainer, Clearwater, Florida
  16. Elke Gorf, Aufklärungsgruppe Krokodil, Weinstadt, Deutschland
  17. Barbara Graham, Digital Animator, San Diego, California USA
  18. Hans-Michael Hanert, Pfarrer (Ev. Kirchengemeinde und Ö kumenische Studentenarbeit Frankfurt(O)), Deutschland
  19. H. Keith Henson, Political Refugee, Electronics Engineer, Toronto, Canada
  20. Rüdiger Hintze, Jurist, Hamburg, Deutschland
  21. Ralph Hofman, Dipl. Soz.-Päd. Student, EBI-Sachsen e.V., Lessingstrasse 7, 04109 Leipzig, Deutschland
  22. Ilse Hruby, Autorin, Ö sterreich
  23. Prof. Dr. med Irmgard Oepen, Marburg, Deutschland
  24. Ulrike Kindler, Hamburg, Deutschland
  25. Helke Koulakiotis, Aufklärungsgruppe Krokodil der EBIS e.V. Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
  26. Arnaldo Lerma, Citizens Against Corruption, Arlingon, Virginia, USA
  27. Caroline Letkeman, Educator, Chilliwack, B. C. Canada
  28. Arel Lucas, Archivist, UCSF Library, San Francisco, USA
  29. Klaus Maßmann, Pastor, Deutschland, Niedersachsen, Ev.ref. Gemeinde Osnabrück
  30. Sabine Mierisch, Journalistin, Berlin, Deutschland
  31. Robert Minton, Philanthropist, Boston, USA
  32. Sue Mullaney, medical transcriptionist, San Diego, CA, USA
  33. Winfried Müller, Verleger, Jena, Deutschland
  34. Margrit Passow, Kordinatorin, Berlin, Deutschland
  35. Scott Perry, Optical Company Manufacturing CEO, Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
  36. Mark Plummer, writer, Austin, Texas, USA
  37. Dr. Dr. hc. Hanna Renate-Laurien, ehem. Berliner Bürgermeisterin und Präsidentin des Abgeordnetenhauses a.D., Berlin, Deutschland
  38. Renate Rennebach, MdB (Member of the Bundestag), Berlin, Deutschland
  39. Mag. theol. Matthias Roser, Berlin. Deutschland
  40. Gisela Rusch, Berlin, Deutschland
  41. Helmut Schmidt, Verwaltungsleiter, Berlin, Deutschland, Vorsitzender der Eltern- und Betroffeneninitiative gegen psychische Abhängigkeit - für Geistige Freiheit (EBI) Berlin-Brandenburg
  42. Birgit Schneider, Religionspädagogin, Oelsnitz/V., Deutschland
  43. Karl Hermann Schneider, Studienrat, Muenchen, Deutschland
  44. Heiko Schulz, ev. Pfr. / Beauftragter für ev. Religionsunterricht, Berlin, Deutschland
  45. Dr. med. Kerstin Schumann, Ärztin, Initiative "Fü rstenberger Dialog", Fürstenberg, Deutschland
  46. Jane Scott, Consultant, Los Angeles, USA
  47. Jörg Stolzenberger, Aufklärungsgruppe Krokodil, Weinstadt, Deutschland
  48. Joachim Thewes, Göttingen, Deutschland
  49. Jens Tingleff, Electronics Engineer, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  50. Daniela Weber, Sachbearbeiterin, Berlin, Deutschland
  51. Stephanie Werner, Vorsitzende EBI-Sachsen e.V., Lessingstrasse 7, Leipzig, Deutschland
  52. Peter Widmer, 3802 Waldegg BE, Schweiz
  53. Lawrence Wollersheim, Director of F.A.C.T.Net, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA
  54. Ekkehart Ziegelschmid, Pfarrer i.R., Kurort Weinböhla/ Sachsen, Deutschland
  55. Dr. Richard Ziegert, Beauftragter für Weltanschauungsfragen, Ludwigshafen, Deutschland
  56. Doris Müller, Dipl.-Sozialarbeiterin, Walldorf, Deutschland
  57. Jan-Pieter Rau, Dipl-Verwaltungswirt (FH), Stadtverordneter, Rheinsberg, Deutschland
  58. Andrea Küpker, Aufklärung und Beratung, Damme, Deutschland
  59. Roland Hartig, Redakteur Lichtblick-Newsletter, Rostock, Deutschland
  60. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Ruppert, Pfarrer, Bad Wildbad, Deutschland
  61. Lady Daphne Vane, FAIR, London, United Kingdom
  62. Karin Paetow-Froese, Arbeitskreis Sekten e.V. Herford
  63. Rüdiger Froese, Arbeitskreis Sekten e.V. Herford
  64. Christian Szurko, Director Dialog Centre UK, London
  65. Gisela Tiede, Vorsitzende des Vereins Berliner Schulsekretärinnen, Berlin, Deutschland
  66. Liselotte Wenzelburger-Mack, Landesvorsitzende der EBIS e.V. Baden- Württemberg, Trägerin des Bundesverdienstkreuzes am Bande, Großbettlingen, Deutschland
  67. Pfr. Heribert Süttmann, Evangelische Kirche in Berlin- Brandenburg, Berlin, Deutschland
  68. Dr.med.F.-Wolfgang Bambas, Frauenarzt, Wahlstedt, Deutschland
  69. Pfarrer Eduard Trenkel, Kassel, Deutschland
  70. Bezirksstadtrat Dieter Hapel, stellv. Bezirksbürgermeister von Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin, Deutschland
  71. Dr. Hans-Peter Bartels MdB , Mitglied der Verteidigungsaussschusses des Deutschen Bundestages, Kiel und Berlin, Deutschland
  72. Christoph Polster, geschäftsf. Pfarrer Ev. Kirchengemeinde St. Nikolai, Cottbus, Deutschland
  73. Dr. Justus Werdin, Pfarrer, Greiffenberg, Deutschland
  74. Walter Schütte, Journalist, München, Deutschland
  75. Christa Lagemann, Lehrerin, Steinfurt, Deutschland
  76. Uta Stephan, Rentnerin, Berlin, Deutschland
  77. Thomas Günzel, Pfarrer, Leipzig, Deutschland
  78. Struck, Rüdiger, AK Sekten Herford, Deutschland
  79. Karin Struck, Hausfrau, Deutschland
  80. Harry Gillmann, Berlin, Deutschland
  81. Prof. Dr. Gottfried Küenzlen, München, Deutschland
  82. Thomas C. Padgett, Lakeville, Massachusetts, USA
  83. Jutta Lockau, Mitglied der Kirchenleitung der Evangelischen Kirche in Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin, Deutschland
  84. Dr. Károly Tóth, Bischof (em), Präsident des Ökumenischen Studienzentrums, Budapest, Ungarn
  85. Charlotte Wehrspaun, Dipl.-Soz., Berlin, Deutschland
  86. Pfr. Horst Dähnick, Joachimsthal, Deutschland
  87. Helga Tettenborn, Hausfrau, Berlin, Deutschland
  88. Bundesministerin a.D. Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, MdB, stellv. Vorsitzende der FDP- Bundestagsfraktion, Landesvorsitzende der FDP Bayern, Berlin und Tutzing, Deutschland
  89. Monika Schulz, MdL, Guben, Sozial-, Familien- und Frauenpolitische Sprecherin der CDU-Fraktion im Brandenburgischen Landtag

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