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Selected Responses to the 2002 Leipzig Award for Alain Vivien on May 11, 2002


I thank you for your letter of April 11, 2002 to the German President and for your invitation to attend the Leipzig Human Rights Award on May 11, 2002.

The Leipzig Human Rights Award deserves high recognition.  With this award you are making a contribution that serves the public interest and that gives the public a stronger glimpse into human rights.  The President would himself have liked to have added to this, but unfortunately his schedule will not permit it, despite the best of intentions.

For today, may I wish you great success with the Leipzig Human Rights Award.
Cordially yours,
Rüdiger Frohn 
Chief of the Federal Presidential Office


First I would like to express my totally sincere appreciation for the invitation to attend the 3rd Human Rights Award in Leipzig. (...)  In this way I would like to ask you to impart my heartiest congratulations to Minister Alain Vivien for his honor.  I personally wish him and his dedicated team health, all manner of conceivable good and a surge of strength in continuing their work, which is important to everybody. 
Wishing you all a pleasant stay in the City of the East German civil rights movement, I remain cordially yours,

Monika Schulz, Member of the State Parliament, political spokesperson of the CDU faction in the Brandenburg State Assemble for Welfare, Families and Women


Foto Ute Gandow

Many thanks for your friendly invitation to attend the 2002 Leipzig Human Rights Award as a guest of honor.  Unfortunately I cannot be there on May 11.  You have made a very good choice with French Minister Alain Vivien

I wish you continued success and great strength in your dedicated and important work in the realm of the Berlin Dialogue Center.  Whenever I can be of assistance there, you can count on my support.  I hope things go well for you at the human rights award ceremony on May 11.

Cordially yours,

Hans Peter Bartels (SPD) 
Member of the German Bundestag


I wish for Alain Vivien, the award recipient, to have God's blessing for this day and for his continued work - and to you all a day of thanks to give you courage and strength for further progress in your work and in the struggle for human rights.

Helga Tettenborn, Berlin


We at the former "Fürstenberg ohne Psychosekte" would like to send a word of thanks and greetings on the occasion of this year's 2002 human rights award for Minister Alain Vivien.  We of the citizens initiative especially owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Blüm and Rev. Gandow for their contributions in thwarting the plans of the TM movement to settle down in our Brandenburg City of Fürstenberg/Havel. We went as petitioners to last year's award ceremony in June 2001 to ask Dr. Blüm for assistance in warding off the TM movement.  The kind words of encouragement we received there served as motivation to once again make our way down the path of dispute with the TM movement in spite of all hindrances.

It was not until the end of 2001, after much information work and a petition operation, that enough public pressure was brought to bear on the city representatives so that they stopped looking at the millions in investments TM cult had dangled before them long enough to disapprove of it.  Once again many thanks for your multilateral support.

Dr. Kerstin Schumann, R. Dazsenies, H. Altfeld 
formerly the "Fü rstenberg ohne Psychosekte" citizens


In view of my involvement in human rights issues, I would have also liked to participate in the Leipzig Human Rights Award ceremony, and I was very happy to have received your cordial invitation as a guest of honor.  Due to prior commitments on that date, however, I cannot participate in this solemn occasion.  All the more reason for me to support the the award for Minister Alain Vivien at least by adding my name to the tabula gratulatoria.  I wish you and Minister Alain Vivien especially a very enjoyable ceremony.

Cordially yours, 

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
MP Federal Minister, ret.


You have my heartfelt thanks for your letter of April 11, 2002, as well as for your cordial invitation to participate in the May 11, 2002 Leipzig Human Rights award for Minister Alain Vivien in the Old Stock Exchange in Leipzig.  I was very happy to receive your invitation, for which I regret all the more that it will not be possible for me to attend due to prior commitments, for which I ask your understanding.  In this way I wish everything goes well at the award ceremony and I remain cordially yours,
Dr. Angela Merkel
Chairwoman of the CDU of Germany


In the name of the president of the Fédération Européenne des Centres de Recherche et d'Information sur le Sectarisme (FECRIS), Mr. Jean Nokin, I thank Mr. Alain Vivien for his farsighted pioneer work that he did as French minister and continued to do as founder and director of the "Mission Interministerielle de Lutte contre les Sectes" (MILS).

Mr. Vivien also had a decisive part in getting the associated, precedent-breaking law through the French legislature this last year.

He is also to thank for FECRIS being subsidized by the French state so that extensive work in coordinating measures as to the risks and warnings about destructive cults can continue in the majority of European states.

Other countries in Europe would do well to pursue the matter with the same energy and the same dedication by founding national centers based on the MILS model and by cooperating at the European level.  This would be of great importance for all our futures.



As the private Austrian "Gesellschaft gegen Sekten- und Kultgefahren" we, personally and in the name of our President, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Rollett, point out how important cooperation among state agencies is for us in public information work about the risks associated with destructive cults and also how much we value the international cooperation of these state agencies, in which Mr. Alain Vivien, as director of "Mission Interministerielle de Lutte contre les Sectes" (MILS), has doubtlessly played a leading role.  Therefore you may include our heartfelt gratitude for his methodical courageous efforts.

Gesellschaft gegen Sekten- und Kultgefahren, Österreich


Many thanks for your kind words and for the invitation to the 2002 Human Rights Award in Leipzig!  I had resolved to participate.  Unfortunately I must now cancel because I overlooked the fact that I have to be in Rostock as committee member of the Bundesschiedgericht of the Bü 90/ Greens on May 10 and 11.  That obligation was made months ago. I wish you a good ceremony and many interesting guests!  Perhaps we can make it next year? 


Sincerely yours,
Katharina Doyé, board member of the state association 
Brandenburg Bündnis 90/The Greens


Many thanks for your invitation for May 11, 2002.  I would have liked to have gone and been at the ceremony, but regrettably I will not be able to.  With best wishes, together with my hopes for continued success in the Committee's work, I remain cordially yours,

Reinhold Schaube ,
MdHBü (Mitglied der Hamburger Bürgerschaft)




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